| March/April 1960

Mr. Holland E. Maxwell, R.D.4, Huntington, Indiana, gave an early Manure spreader to the Rough and Tumble Engineers Association Museum. Our Cartoonist, Roy Glessner, pictured the same in his cartoon of the Sept.-Oct. issue of the ALBUM. He had a letter from Mr. Maxwell and we reproduce it here.

Well, we recognized your cartoon in the Sept.-Oct. 1959 issue of the ALBUM. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for your efforts.

Our Show at Whitby's is over and we all had a good time. We threshed each day with four machines at once. I would put the straw from my little hand fed 'Champion' in the feeder of the Baker separator for the fun of it. We pulled the 'Champion' with my son's 1912 Fairbanks-Morse 15 hp gas engine - screen cooled and on trucks. All original and all painted up.

We also plowed with an 8 bottom John Deere plow that one of our members got from near Fargo, N. Dakota.

A Museum in Michigan loaned us a 15 hp Westinghouse steam engine.

Our crowd was below normal partly due to rain and some due to hard times and another show that started up not too far away.