Case Heritage Foundation Off To Fast Start At Pawnee

| September/October 1987

204 E. Melbourne Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20901

Several hundred persons joined the International J. I. Case Heritage Foundation, as the organization officially opened its charter year in Pawnee, Oklahoma, this spring with the election of officers, the adoption of by laws and the celebration of what it hopes was the first of a long line of successful Case Heritage Expositions.

More than 450 persons from across the United States and Canada attended a special Case Heritage Foundation barbeque at the home of Kenneth and Minerva Kelley on May 2. After the big feed, most of them trooped into the Kelleys' steam engine barn to attend the first meeting of the Foundation's general membership.

Jim Briden, of Fargo, North Dakota, who has headed the J. I. Case Heritage Steering Committee ever since it was formed last fall at the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Reunion (Rollaag) to set the stage for launching of the Foundation, chaired the meeting.

Briden and 10 other persons were elected unanimously to the Foundation's board of directors, which includes Kevin Anderson, Andover, South Dakota; Otis Astle, Oxford, Pennsylvania; W. C. 'Chady' Atteberry, Blackwell, Oklahoma; JackBeamish, Hamiota, Manitoba, Canada; George W. Hedtke, Davis Junction, Illinois; Kenneth Kelley, Pawnee, Oklahoma; Thomas G. Lee, Calhoun, Kentucky; Tony Wells, Upper Marlboro, Maryland; Don Bradley, Forsyth, Montana; and Helen Case Brigham, Silver Spring, Maryland.

By laws also received the membership's unanimous approval, and Briden announced that action has been taken to incorporate the Foundation as a 'not-for-profit' organization in the State of North Dakota. The Foundation expects to be broadly based, with membership throughout the United States, Canada and other countries.