Case Heritage Foundation Off To Fast Start At Pawnee

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204 E. Melbourne Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20901

Several hundred persons joined the International J. I. Case
Heritage Foundation, as the organization officially opened its
charter year in Pawnee, Oklahoma, this spring with the election of
officers, the adoption of by laws and the celebration of what it
hopes was the first of a long line of successful Case Heritage

More than 450 persons from across the United States and Canada
attended a special Case Heritage Foundation barbeque at the home of
Kenneth and Minerva Kelley on May 2. After the big feed, most of
them trooped into the Kelleys’ steam engine barn to attend the
first meeting of the Foundation’s general membership.

Jim Briden, of Fargo, North Dakota, who has headed the J. I.
Case Heritage Steering Committee ever since it was formed last fall
at the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher’s Reunion (Rollaag) to
set the stage for launching of the Foundation, chaired the

Briden and 10 other persons were elected unanimously to the
Foundation’s board of directors, which includes Kevin Anderson,
Andover, South Dakota; Otis Astle, Oxford, Pennsylvania; W. C.
‘Chady’ Atteberry, Blackwell, Oklahoma; JackBeamish,
Hamiota, Manitoba, Canada; George W. Hedtke, Davis Junction,
Illinois; Kenneth Kelley, Pawnee, Oklahoma; Thomas G. Lee, Calhoun,
Kentucky; Tony Wells, Upper Marlboro, Maryland; Don Bradley,
Forsyth, Montana; and Helen Case Brigham, Silver Spring,

By laws also received the membership’s unanimous approval,
and Briden announced that action has been taken to incorporate the
Foundation as a ‘not-for-profit’ organization in the State
of North Dakota. The Foundation expects to be broadly based, with
membership throughout the United States, Canada and other

The board elected Jim Briden as the Foundation’s charter
president, also naming Chady Atteberry as Vice President and Helen
Brigham as secretary-treasurer. Standing committees are currently
being formed under the leadership of chairman named by President
Briden. They are: By Laws, Jim Briden; Meeting and Show Site
Selection, Chady Atteberry; Finance and Budget, Otis Astle;
Membership Development, Helen Brigham; Ways and Means, George
Hedtke; Communications, co-chairman Helen and ‘Brig’
Brigham; Archives, Jack Beamish; and Nominations, Tommy Lee.

The Case Heritage Foundation is offering two types of
memberships, both of which include a subscription to a quarterly
newsletter. The ‘Family’ membership costs $20 a year and
provides membership with voting privileges for husband and wife, as
well as seniors (70 years of age or over) under the same roof.
Young people at the same address who have not reached 18 years of
age receive cards as non-voting members under the family umbrella.
The ‘Individual’ membership costs $15 a year and covers one
voting adult member.

About 450 persons attended the Case Heritage Barbecue held at
Kenneth and Minerva Kelley’s home place at Pawnee, Oklahoma.
The beef was turned by steam power over the Kelley’s barbecue

After the good food had been devoured, members then took part in
the Foundation’s first general meeting to elect directors,
approve by laws and conduct other important business.

Charter memberships in the Foundation will be open until June
30, 1988; and the first issue of the organization’s newsletter
is scheduled for distribution during the summer of 1987.

During the May 2 membership meeting, the following Case Heritage
Expo participants received special awards from the J. I. Case
Company: Harold Musolf, Sr., Seattle, Washington, owner of the Case
Car (five-passenger, 1912) coming the longest distance (1,350
miles) to the Expo; Thomas R. Gingell, Emmitsburg, Maryland, owner
of the Case steam engine (50 HP, 1912) coming the longest distance
(1,020); Bob Porth and his son, Jason, Regina, Saskatchewan,
Canada, owner of vintage Case gas tractor (Model R, 1938) coming
the greatest distance (950 miles); Russ Logan, Sunrise, Florida,
owner of the operating scale model (1/3-scale of 1912 steam engine)
coming longest distance (1,100); Tony Wells, Case dealer coming the
greatest distance (1,050 miles) to exhibit (1917 7-passenger Case
Car, 1917 Crossmount tractor, 1934 C tractor and 1936 RC tractor);
and the Oklahoma Steam Thresher men’s Association, hosts of the
1987 Expo. The awards were presented by William Simpson and Harry
Kline, two of the Case Company’s best known and most respected
‘ambassadors’ of goodwill.

The first case Heritage Expo featured what is believed to be the
largest gathering ever of Case cross mount and other vintage Case
gas tractors.

There were Case steam traction engines as far as the eye could
see. In the foreground is one displayed by John Chitwood of Conway
Springs, KS.

At the Oklahoma Show/Case Expo this year there were almost 400
exhibitors presenting 444 exhibits, including nine Case cars, 25
Case steam engines, about 40 Case cross mount tractors and 35 other
antique Case gas tractors. According to a check of license plates
during the three days of the first Case Expo, the crowd included
attendees from at least 46 U. S. states and six Canadian

The next Case Heritage Expo will be hosted from August 17
through 20, 1988, by the Rough and Tumble Historical Engineers’
association of Kinzers, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The Western
Minnesota Threshers will host the event in 1992.

Persons interested in receiving Foundation membership
applications or organizations interested in offering to host a Case
Expo in the future should contact the Foundation’s
Secretary-Treasurer, 204 East Melbourne Avenue, Silver Spring,
Maryland 20901. Phone (day or evening) 301-587-5552.

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