Reader Contributions: Case Steam Engine and Reeves Steam Engine

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C. A. Hamann's 32 HP J. I. Case pulling a 12 bottom John Deere plow.
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Side view of the junked Case steam engine.
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A 32 HP cross compound Reeves engine pulling a Reeves steam lift plow in Montana's Judith Basin.
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Head-on view of Leonard Klima's junked Case steam engine.
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R. A. Chapin's 110 HP Case steam engine pulling a 10 bottom plow.
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R. A. Chapin's late model 32 HP U.S. c.c. Reeves tractor on the belt.
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Reeves steam engine pulling a Reeves steam lift plow and cook car.
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R. A. Chapin's 40-120 HP Reeves steam engine pulling a 14 bottom John Deere plow.
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R. A Chapin's 40 HP U.S. Reeves steam engine pulling grain to market.
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Reeves tractor and steam lift plow, watering and coaling up.
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Reeves and 40-65 Reeves gas tractor, taken during WWI at Pownall, Montana. Note flag and Square Butte in the background.
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Reeves tractor and steam lift plow breaking sod in Lindsay, Montana.

The Case steam engine has always been a topic of interest to IMA readers. This month two readers had contributions. Along with his most recent letter, our faithful friend Gary Yaeger of Whitefish, MT sent a couple Case pictures and a slew about Reeves steam engines. He says:

‘I have not had time to write a decent letter for some time. I decided to send some pictures that can be woven into pages with a description. This way, I won’t let down the friends who are expecting something from me.

‘I got some nice pictures taken in the Geraldine area of the Judith Basin in Montana. I am also including a postcard picture from Lindsay, Montana.

‘I promise more before too long. I do have a very busy summer scheduled. I am ready to retire and play with steam, unrestricted!’

And we have this from Leonard G. Klima of Sacramento, CA:

‘My are pictures of an old Case in a yard with other old equipment. It still has a lot of valuable parts for any restorer. I feel bad when I see a once great piece of equipment that has died a horrible death, perhaps never to run again.

‘Anyone interested in the Case engine can obtain information from me.’ FC

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