Casey Jones Was A Real person

| November/December 1981

Clinton, Kentucky 42031

Casey Jones was a real person just like Johnny Apple seed and Jesse James. He started his career with the steam locomotive by studying telegraphy at the depot in Columbus, Kentucky.

Born John Luther Jones in a backwoods region of Missouri, the lad moved with his family to Cayce, Kentucky, when he was about 13 years old.

It was there that the youth was caught up in the romance of railroading. As a teen-ager he hung around the Mobile & Ohio Railroad station where the clicking of the telegraph ever fascinated him. He never grew weary of watching the thirsty locomotives take on water at the tank near the depot.

Time passed slowly but he continued to be lured by the powerful iron horse as it pulled a long line of freight cars along the rails stretching into the distance away from Cayce.

Finally in 1879, with the reluctant consent of his parents, Frank and Ann Nolen Jones, lanky John Luther, then about 15 years old, boarded the M&O passenger train and headed North for the Columbus depot where he'd made up his mind to study telegraphy.