Cast Iron Seat Brings $1000 at Kansas Auction

| September/October 1983

An antique cast iron seat brought $1,000 at an auction held by Raymond Pillard at Marysville, Kansas, on June 4.

The seat was round, containing the outlined words THE COMMON SENSE CHAMPION, we read in the newsletter of the Cast Iron Seat Association.

Dick Leill, of Lafayette, Ind., is editor of the newsletter, which is indeed a very new publication. He reported that the Pillard sale offered about 300 seats, 20 tractors, 7 or 8 gas engines and other farm items. Family members helped on the sale.

Second highest seat sold was a HAVANA, cracked, for $575. Lowest price was $35.

John Friedly, president of the group and also author of a book on seats, is now preparing another. The association now has about 400 members and is seeking more. Leill reports, 'the English club is on the move.' If you want to tell Leill anything, or ask questions, write to him at 4504 Sugar Maple Drive, Lafayette, IN 47905.