Catalog Advertises Case 110 HP Traction Engine

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This is the largest and most powerful engine
built in the Case shops. It is designed for heavy plowing and
freighting. As a Gold Medal Winner in each contest in which it has
been entered at Winnipeg, it has demonstrated that there is no
other steam engine made that is in its class. With its extra large
capacity for carrying fuel – 1,945 pounds of coal – and 366 gallons
of water – nothing has been omitted for the convenience and
efficiency of the operator. The pop valve is set for 160 pounds,
but is allowed 170 pounds’ pressure by the Canadian Provinces of
Albert and Saskatchewan.

This engine won the Grand Sweepstakes Prize as well as the Gold
Medal at the Winnipeg Motor Contest, 1912.

Price complete, as shown above, including cab, $3,055 FOB,
Racine, Wis.


Boiler barrel – 38 inches in diameter.

Firebox – Length, 49-1/4 inches; width, 35-1/4
inches; height, 36 inches above grates. Stay bolts, 1-inch

Through-stays – Six steel through-stays,
1-1/8-inch diameter, support the front and rear heads. Rear head
has in addition four 1-1/8-inch diagonal braces.

Tubes – 76 in number, 2-inch diameter, 8 feet
4-1/2 inches long.

Heating surface of boiler, 385 square feet
(above grates).

Grate area – 12.06 square feet. Rocking grates
are furnished regularly with this engine.

Steam pressure – 160 pounds per square

Flywheel – Diameter, 43-1/2 inches; face, 16
inches; 230 revolutions per minute.

Front wheels – Height, 53 inches; tires, 14
inches wide regular or 20-inch special at extra price.

Traction wheels – Height, 7 feet; 36-inch
tires. 12-inch extension rims will be furnished at extra price.

Traction speed – 2.37 MPH

Extreme width of engine with 36-inch tires is
10 feet 8-1/4 inches; length, 21 feet 9 inches.

Height, to top of stack, 10 feet 5 inches.

Distance between axles, 12 feet 2 inches.

Weight, with boiler empty, 34,256 pounds.

Built regularly with simple-cylinder engine and
contractor’s fuel bunkers, rocking grates and jacketed boiler.

Special attachments – Locomotive cab, extension
rims, straw burner.

All Case engines will develop at least 10 percent more
indicated horsepower than their actual guaranteed brake horsepower

– 1913 Case catalog

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