Celebrating A Case Delivery In 1909

| March/April 1986

  • Arrival of a Case outfit
    The photo was sent to us by Helen Case Brigham, great granddaughter of J. I. Case, who met Walter at an Ohio steam show last summer.
    Helen Case Brigham

  • Arrival of a Case outfit

Above is a photograph which belongs to Walter C. Bieritz of Yorkville, Illinois. Photo shows the arrival of a Case outfit in Yorkville in about 1909, and what follows is Walter's account of the event:

Now about the beginning of that Case outfit, a Rheinholdt Leipheit who was engineer of this engine almost all of its time told me his father a Mr. William Leipheit (not in the picture) and Mr. William Kollman (in picture) and my father Herman Bieritz, Sr. also in the picture were appointed as a committee of 3 to go see about a Case outfit in 1909, I believe. So they went by train from Yorkville to Chicago to see the Case Company showroom on Michigan Avenue.

Case must have had a good salesman there, because the sale was made. As you see, the machine in the picture it was headed right for a steep hill to get out of Yorkville and go to my father's farm for the first job.

The regular engineer had been across the alley and into the back door of the local pub a few too many times and had you know what's so the Case set up man pushed him aside and took the engine up that steep hill without any effort on part of the steam engine.

Notice the copy of the payment ticket and freight bill. Looks like the price of the outfit was $2500.00 and the freight bill from Racine to Yorkville was $32.40.