| May/June 1978

Central Alberta Antique and Model Club, Leslieville, Alberta, Canada TOM 1HO is a new club and Paul E. Jones sends us a report on their venture:

We had a one day show last fall and threshed barley all afternoon, using a 224' Case separator and a 24 Waterloo separator. For power a stationary Case steamer which ran very nice. A 28-50 cross mounted Hart-Parr. A 17-30 B Minneapolis, a 1930 John Deere also a very beautiful restored 1940 John Deere. Shown also was an old I.H.C. row crop and an old Allis Chalmers tractor. A model T Ford motor and circular saw were used to saw wood for the Case.

Spinning wool and knitting as well as old time butter churning was shown. Four two-horse teams were used to haul bundles. There was a display of 12 gas engines, all running nicely.

We had a very large and enthusiastic crowd. Three Case, one Huming Bird and a Goodison separator, one 10-20 Oil Pull, a Massey-Harris model 25 and a Model T motor has been donated to the Club as well as two acres of land.

We are preparing for a larger and better show for 1978. We can't set a date too far in advance as we thresh from the shock.