| May/June 1956

OUR REUNION OPENED with a rain until noon the first day. The highlight of the day was the broadcast of the Dinner Bell Hour from radio station WLSMC'd by Mr. Maynard Burch. The broadcast was opened by a whistle blast from the 60 or more whistles in unison, which almost blasted WLS off the air.

This was followed by interviews of officials and others, including the State Boiler Inspector.

We also had a team of oxen and covered wagon, managed by Mr. Ben Kissick who cares for them at the State Park at Salem, Illinois.

Our entertainment consisted of radio stars from WLS, including Arky the woodchopper, Capt. Stubby and the Buccaneers, Dorothy Ann Ferguson, Hank the Clown and others. Saturday evening was devoted to square dancing by local groups around Pontiac and vicinity.

We held two parades daily, except the first day when we omitted the afternoon parade because of wet grounds.

We were honored by the presence of friends from many states, and from Canada, Mexico, and Japan, who registered at the Ladies Hobby Building.