Charles Wendel To Write Column in G.E.M.

| January/February 1985

As a youngster, C. H. Wendel discovered some early steam engine books in his grandfather's attic. These books whetted what became an insatiable interest in old engines and their history. Beginning with the January/February 1985 issue, he will share some of his considerable knowledge with the readers of Gas Engine Magazine on a regular basis.

At the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion in 1970, Mr. Wendel and Harold Ottaway of Wichita, Kansas discussed the many different engines built at Waterloo, Iowa. Mr. Wendel investigated the subject and published the results in Power in the Past, Volume 1, in 1971. Next came a history of the Fairbanks Morse & Co. in Volume 2, followed by a history of Stover Engine Works in Volume 3.

At the same reunion in 1976, Mr. Wendel met George Daumann of Crestline Publishing Company. The meeting led to the 1979 publication of Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors, followed in 1981 by 150 Years of International Harvester. Crestline's largest book, American Gasoline Engines Since 1872 followed, and provided the first definitive study of American and Canadian gasoline engine development.

Today Mr. Wendel operates his Old Iron Book Company (formed to sell his own titles and other selected items), along with several writing and research projects. We feel certain that his column Reflections will be of great value to the subscribers of GEM.

Shortly after Mr. Wendel's column is added, Gas Engine Magazine, which began publication twenty years ago, will go monthly in May 1985.