Steam Show

| January/February 1997

630 Chicken town Road Somerset, Pennsylvania 15501

Winter ended just in time so the grounds could be readied for the Third Annual Chicken town Gas & Steam Show held May 25 and 26, 1996 at Chicken town Grove, south of Somerset, Pennsylvania. We had a day and half of good weather until the rains came.

Our club was formed three years ago and now has over 100 members with all kinds of interests. These include steam engines, hit and miss, gas well engines, gas tractors, model steam engines, blacksmithing, saw milling, hay baling, stone crushing, shingle making, grist milling and farm toys.

Unlike some clubs where the steam contingent has dropped off, we are very fortunate to have a strong group of fellows keeping the interest alive and well.

The steam engines displayed at our 1996 Show included 20th Century, Case, Peerless, Frick, Greyhound, scale Peerless and Case. Also, there was a scale Peerless stationary engine and an unusual rotary 4-cylinder steam engine.