Clarence Young's Quest

| March/April 1981

The photos for this article were taken by GerryLestz, IMA editor-publisher, on Clarence Young's property near Great Falls, Montana.

Clarence Young, of Millegan Route near Great Falls, Montana, has probably traveled farther than any other steam traction engine collector to assemble parts for his big 110 HP Case.

The quest has thus far taken several years, and it may be one more before the engine is completely restored. He has researched the history of the engine thoroughly; now all he has to do is put it together again.

'It is No. 29589, and it is unique in one respect,' he relates. 'When it is finished it will be the latest one of this type. Case built 50 of these in 1913, and the last of the series was 29592.

'Although they quit on this type in 1913, they listed it in catalogues through 1918. I don't know whether they still had new ones or figured on going back into production.'

Looking back, Clarence says the day he bought this engine gave him the biggest thrill of his life. And this is not his only engine; he's got dozens of them on his property.