| November/December 1979

Miner Pawcatuck, Connecticut 02891

Mention the word 'steam' in Old Mystic, Connecticut, and the townsfolk inevitably follow with the words 'Clyde's Cider Mill.'

On Old North Stonington Road, the tall, white building with its distinctive red doors and trim sets back apiece, surrounded by green grass and colorful autumn foliage. A tall, brick stack stands erect alongside the building, and just one thunderous blast from the big, brass whistle atop the roof leaves no doubt in one's mind that this is the home of the steam operated B. F. Clyde's Cider Mill.

Every fall since 1881, Clyde's Cider Mill has transformed thousands of bushels of crisp, red apples into thousands of gallons of sweet cider, rich in color and taste.

The chief steam engine operator, and the man behind this amazing process, is Jack Bucklyn, owner, and grandson of the original B. F. Clyde. The family operated business is open every day from mid-September to shortly after Thanksgiving. Cider is made fresh daily, and Saturdays and Sundays are custom cider making days where local farmers as well as entire families bring their own apples to be ground into cider by steam power. Some are as many as fourth generation cider makers, upholding a real New England tradition.

Clyde's holds steam all the time during the cider season, so even if the mill is not in operation, Jack is more than eager to show steam buffs how the engine works.