Cobs From Elemer's

| May/June 1970

  • Cobs From Elemer's

  • Cobs From Elemer's

Would you believe it? Those huge piles of snow the plow piled up are all gone. How, I don't know for it has been very cold since before Winter.

We have beautiful sunshine but it is cold. And I'm still housed up. Ill break out one of these days.

The only Renewal notice you will get is a slip of paper telling you so in the magazine. We will appreciate your prompt response.

Don't get excited about delays of the magazine. Last issue the Flu bug got in the printing plant and that jammed things up, then the Post Office is slower. I guess it is like myself, getting old, decrepid and careless. Even though we pay Second Class mailing, in sections we get 3rd class.

Mrs. Irene Gertzen, our secretary, is working overtime to get the magazine out on time. We appreciate her good work.

We have a little trouble sometimes knowing which magazine you want your advertisement in. We put steam articles in the Album and Gas items in G.E.M but once in a while we are not sure, like belts, etc. just give us a little help that way. Thanks.