| January/February 1969

  • Elmers Corn Crib

  • Elmers Corn Crib

We missed the Stewartstown Banquet because of double dates and the Berryville Banquet because of illness. We had good reports of both of them.

The closeness of the Nixon-Humphrey race almost took my breath and the Doc says I cannot live without breathing.

We had a complaint come to us about you writers for the Gas Engine and Iron Men Album. This man said so often in the stories you write, you tell of an incident that happened and then never tell how it turned out. For instance in the Nov-Dec. issue of the Gas Engine, Mr. Earle Nicherson, Wauchula, Florida, tells of trucking an engine from Ohio to Florida. When he crossed the state line the Patrol stopped him and asked what he had on. Mr. N. told him it was the back end of a Gerogia still. That is all he said about it. I have been stopped by these gentlemen and have found very few of them who have any sense of humor and become irritated when they find a little. I am wondering what the Patrolman said. It was a good article anyway.

Everybody seems to like the articles you folks write, so keep them coming.