Farm Collector


By Staff

All correspondence pertaining to subscription and subscription
business should be addressed to Kitty Snell, Stemgas Publishing
Company, 4 Ellen Drive, Enola, Pa., 17025. Any telephone calls for
the above work should be made to 717-732-1974 Kitty Snell. For any
general information concerning the magazine, write Elmer L.
Ritzman, 808 Wertzville Road, Enola, Pa., 17025, or telephone
717-732-2023. Regarding pictures and articles that you have sent
for publication, write % Anna Mae Branyan or phone

We are planning to attend the National Threshers Reunion. Mrs.
Ritzman will be along and do the driving and we expect our stand
will be in the same place that it was last year, although we have
not made arrangements. We’ll be somewhere there. The attendants
will be Mrs. Ritzman, Mrs. Schaeffer, and likely others. We’ll
be looking for you and appreciate your patronage.

Elsewhere is the announcement of the C. Aultman History written
by Mr. Bixler. We are quite proud of this book and recommend it
very highly to you.

We just read in the American Thresherman in 1910 of a man in
Indiana driving through a little town with his rig, had an accident
with a horse and buggy. He got scared and thought he would get away
from it so he got on the engine, opened the throttle wide and went
through the town as hard as he could go. And thus became the first
hit and run driver. And the interesting thing is, he could only go
at the most – 2 miles an hour.

We just read of a minister who buried his fourth wife. A lady
stepped up to him and asked, ‘How did you do it?’ And he
said ‘Don’t contrary them, they can’t stand

  • Published on Jul 1, 1967
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