| November/December 1967

  • Elemer's

  • Elemer's

We have been attending local reunions, much to our pleasure. The New York Show was wonderful. The drive up the finger lakes is a treat in itself. They had a large crowd and a good showing of engines. Engines you don't see at other shows. For instance; Lange & Button, Birdsell, S.W. Wood, Messenger, etc. Their show of miniatures is the largest we have seen at any show and the miniature engines are run on air.

Rough and Tumble was next. They had record attendance and a large display of gas and steam engines. The big new barn is a wonderful improvement. reason why Hageber sold both company threshing rigs.

The 13 Hp. return flue water front steam dome straw burner Phoenix bought new by Johnson Bros. in 1883 and now owned by Mr. Lang of Hector, Minnesota. This engine has the flywheel on the left side, is chain drive and cylinder in the rear Marsh Rivers Gear.

There were many 13 Hp. Phoenix return flue engines built but they had the flywheel on the right hand side, link reverse gear and had no steam dome and this one has a steam dome. All the spokes in the drive wheels and front wheels were crossed. Bull gear teeth on the inside.

Mr. Hageber's big success was his German language around here as so many people were German and from Germany at that time. All the Bohemains that were among the German could speak German.

Fraternally yours, Steam Engine Joe T. Rynda