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This month I had two birth anniversaries. My mother said I was
82 years old and the Iron-Men Album is 25 years old. That is quite
a while for a magazine. It was certainly well received in your
homes or it would have died long ago, so I say Thank you All. Your
articles and stories have been wonderful, and the nice things you
said about it made us happy during my prolonged illness.

Much credit must go to Mrs. Anna Mae Branyan, Mrs. Irene
Gertzen, Mrs. Ritzman, Mr. and Mrs. James Smith, Mrs. Janet Hosier,
Mr. John A. Earley, Jr., Mrs. Sara Watts, Mrs. Exa Phillips, Mrs.
Betty Okeson, Mrs. Jean Gelnett, Mrs. Doris Michaels, Mrs. Treva
Billman, and Mrs. Elizabeth Knight. There have been many obstacles
that got in our way but with the help of these folks the road was
soon cleaned.

Our sins of omission and commission have been many but you
seemed to forgive us. Now we are beginning our next 25 years and I
hope we have as much fun. May the good Lord Bless you as you read
the magazine.

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