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I will not be able to be at Pontiac and Mt. Pleasant reunions.
Mrs. Ernest Hoffer will represent us at Pontiac and the Gilmar
Johnson’s will be at Mt. Pleasant to take care of any Album
business. Mr. Orrin Seaver and the Peterson’s Model Shoppe
wherever you see them will do the same. We would be pleased to have
you patronize these people. You will find other agents at other
shows and if they have the renewal forms, you can be sure they are

We hope to be at Kinzer with a helper. Look for us in the barn.
I am not able to put up and take down my tent so Mr. Brubaker has
given me space in the new barn. That should hold me for some

As things look now, we’ll not be able to get to the New York
Gas Engine Show. Too many conflicts. They may clear up.

Life is too busy. The old Indian had it about right. Just hunt
and fight. I could drop the fighting.

Lots of rain. We had so much dry weather and brown grass the
last two years that I love the rain now.

National Threshers had a good show this year. Sunday P.M. they
were wondering what to do with the crowd. We parked with the Fahne
stocks in the display building and they helped me when the women
deserted, and I listened to Joe pulling the big engines out of the
stations on the records. Thanks Joe.

My thanks goes to Mrs. Elmer Schaeffer and Mrs. Arthur Krafts
and Mrs. Ritzman for their help at the reunion.

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