Farm Collector


By Staff

That terrible heat wave has been broken, maybe. Last January I
could not even imagine it could get that hot.

I greatly enjoyed myself at Wauceon because Mrs. Elmer Sheaffer
did all the work. It was not warm, it was hot. One farmer came to
the Show and said ‘It was too hot to’ make hay’ so he
quit and came to the Reunion. I have, made a lot of hay in my time
but I never saw it that hot -or at least we did not stop. I did not
spend much time among the engines because of the heat. We feel sure
the heat kept many away from the Reunion. Eiffel Plasterer of
Huntington, Ind., gave his interesting entertainment. You should
sec this original and different Show sometime if you have not

We have had a lot of people visit our little Museum (Korn Krib)
this Spring. You are most welcome.

We enjoyed our visit with Joe Fahnestock and charming wife at
the Wauceon Show. He is the sound recording man and the writer of
Iron-Man of the month as well as the Spark Plug. We appreciate his
work. In fact we have great appreciation for all our regular
contributors. They go a long way in making a Magazine.

We had a nice surprise at Wauseon. Our printer, Mr. Stoner, R.
D. 2, Mechanicsburg, Pa., came all the way from Tennessee to see
how we did business. Mr. Stoner, Uncle Jake as he is known around
here, was attending a national church convention in Tennessee. He
could not stay long, but it was an inspiration just to have him a
few hours. He will be at some of the eastern reunions. You will
enjoy meeting him. We are planning on having him give us a few
sentences each issue.

Mr. Ward Marshall, Dayton, Ohio will represent us at some of the
shows. He is an interesting man, and you will enjoy meeting him and
doing business with him. He has been with us some years.

  • Published on Sep 1, 1966
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