| January/February 1967

  • Greencastle engine

  • Greencastle engine

We were wanting to say a compliment about Mr. Waters Historical article in the Nov.-Dec. issue concerning the Greencastle engine when a letter came in from Mr. Frank L. McGuffon, 3531 Tea St., N. W. Washington, D. C. 20007. It said what we wanted to say so we quote it here

'While it is unusual for me to write comments on an article someone has written, I think the article 'THE GREENCASTLE #159 on pages 3, 4 and 5 by Mr. William U. Waters, Jr. of Damascus, Md., 20750 deserves a comment.

In my opinion, I think Mr. Waters wrote an excellent article which showed him to be as thorough with his writing as he was in restoring his engine, and the cover page reveals his master touch in restoring a priceless gem.

You have some pretty good writers for your magazine and I get quite a kick out of Joe Fahnestocks articles. Hope you keep him on your staff.'

We have our Magazines zip coded. We had 2 to 5 ladies working six weeks to get the work done. We hope you get your Magazine sooner because of this work. I think you will.

We are happy that our genial printer, Uncle Jake, takes an interest in our work and does an article for us. His side of the story is always interesting and mostly true. It is wonderful to have such a printer and it makes a little better Magazine.