| March/April 1970

  • North Dakota Blizzard

  • North Dakota Blizzard

We had an old-fashioned North Dakota Blizzard last year and then a miniature Blizzard every other day since. We have more snow than air now. On Saturday night Lawrence Welk had a snow storm on one of his scenes, the only stones I have were under 8 feet of snow or I would have thrown a stone through the picture tube. The way things look now we will have snow piles during the Williams Grove Show and if we do Mrs R. has agreed we will make ice cream and treat all our subscribers who come to the Show.

Send us your show dates so we may advertise them. If you take an advertisement with us of your Show during the year there is no charge for the Comings announcement, if not we ask five dollars. But send your date as soon as possible.

We will accept 2 year renewals but discourage longer periods. It makes a complication in our bookkeeping that is not good. Our previous announcement of this sounded as though we would only take 2 year subscription renewals.