| May/June 1969

  • Cobs from Elmer's

  • Cobs from Elmer's

Many have thought that Stephenson was the inventor of the Link motion reverse but that is not the case, his company developed it. A nice article in the 'Live Steam' magazine which we take the liberty to copy part of it.

'The Stephenson Valve Motion was named for the British firm of Robert Stephenson & Company since it was not designed by Robert Stephenson but was developed by the company. Who actually envisioned the link motion has been lost in antiquity but it is assumed that an apprentice draftsman first thought up the motion and one of Stephenson's pattern makers worked out the practical details. This link motion was an enormous improvement over the clumsy hook motions of that period and since then it has been used on all types of steam engines.'

One of the late copies of our magazine took fifteen days to go to Florida. We were receiving inquiries from Florida and several other parts of the U.S. When we got word of the time element to Florida we dropped the matter and heard nothing further. Hope all went well. Seems funny Railroads don't want passengers, some magazines don't want subscribers, Post office don't want mail, and I don't want work.

I was reading an 1838 Farm Magazine and came to an article on Threshing. It was discussing the merits of threshing with a 'Ground Hog' thresher and the method of tramping the grain out with horses or cattle. It was surprising to note that the author favored animal method. The thresher was wasteful with the straw which made fertilizer. It also stirred up the dust (it still does). It did state that if you wanted your work done up in a hurry the thresher was your best bet.