Farm Collector


By Staff

Rough and Tumble Reunion are to be congratulated on their Show
this year. Museum Enclosed, Big crowds. A large variety of Steam
and Gas engines as well as allied machinery. Their report will tell

We did not get to attend the Mid-West Shows this year and that
gave us an opportunity to be at Williams Grove. This was my first
visit with them. It was all very interesting. A Museum that
features Carriages. Mr. Brumgard was there with his unusual display
that he made himself. There was a man who played ax tunes on common
steam whistles. I tried to get his name and acquaintance but he was
like the end of the rain bowwhen you got there he wasn’t. They
had wonderful crowds over the weekend. Lots of good engines and
allied machinery. A very good display of Gas engines.

Mason-Dixon had a good display and activity. Largest crowd ever.
An exceedingly friendly organization.

We are having problems with the Zip Code regulations. We MUST
use it from the first of the year. We think it will improve the
delivery but you will find the expiration notices will be irregular
until we learn more how to handle it. As a rule we will get them in
when we shouldn’t. The record in the office is usually correct,
but we handling the Magazine are carelessly human.

The drought in our section was very severe. We lost 5 trees that
had been planted from 2 to 4 years. We had a good soaking rain this
week. I prayed for it since last June. The lesson is ‘don’t
give up’.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1966
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