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Well, Christmas is over and slowly but surely we’re
returning to normal around our house. Everything is un-decorated,
the cookies are gone, and you can even get into the living room
now. I’ll bet we women appreciate this time of year more than
any other time of the year. Everything is so nice and read up.
We’re all much better here. Earl, my husband is getting back to
good health again and working full time now. (He had a spell in the
hospital in November). Elmer is perky and getting around now. So,
we’re very happy that things are looking up. I’d like to
thank all of you fine folks for your Christmas cards, for your
patience with us when we were slow or neglected to fill your order
during these illnesses. Now we hope to get the office in tip-top
shape again.

I received a letter from M.H. Smith of Long Beach, California
who says that he enjoys the Album so much because it brings back so
many childhood memories of when he was ‘growing up’ in
Western Kansas. Mr. Smith has a secret ambition to attend the Mt.
Pleasant reunion. Any of you Californians who are heading east next
summer about that time ought to get in touch with Mr. Marion Smith,
4207 Charlemagne Ave., Long Beach, California. I’m sure he
would appreciate it. Emil Belsky of Antigo, Wisconsin told me that
the Album really kept him company during his recent stay in the
hospital. If we’d have known you were going, Emil, we’d
have sent you some samples and a few subscription blanks and you
could have kept busy while you were there taking orders. Pretty
soon I’ll have everyone working, won’t I?

Aubrey Bobbitt o f Uniontown, Kansas has a suggestion for you
readers. He would like to see – and he feels many others would
enjoy them -pictures and articles of the interiors and machinery
used in shops and factories that used steam for power. He has
worked all his life in shops that used engines. If any of you
readers have anything like this and would like to send it in,
we’d be pleased to try and get it in the Album.

Dell Grupe of 3929 Globe Avenue, Culver City, California has a
Fairbanks-Morse Z engine – 3 bore -5′ stroke – #586578. He
would like to know what year it was built. Could any of you help
him out?

Les and George Hutchinson have a problem. They have a 1910
Sawyer-Massey rear mount. Their engine had a lovely chime whistle
on it, but somebody stole the dome and disc of it. At the base is
stamped Kinsley Manufacturing Company, Bridgeport, Connecticut. Mr.
Hutchinson wrote to them, asking if they could help him get the
necessary parts to repair his whistle, but his letter was returned
stamped insufficient address. If any of you readers know of this
company or where they might be located, I’m sure Les and George
would appreciate your letting them know. Write to Mr. Les
Hutchinson, 249 Dunlop Street West, Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Jacob Tiessen of Abbotsford, British Columbia told me of a
locomotive that came through Abbotsford last summer. It was built
in Scotland in 1865. It was very old fashioned in appearance, but
Jacob says it was very interesting. Of course, he also says that
he’s partial to the locomotives of the Canadian and United
States railroads.

Bruce McCourtney of Syracuse, Nebraska wrote to tell us about a
little warm-up Steam Threshing Bee that he and a few friends
decided to have last July. This turned out to be quite a
‘little’ warm-up. Over 7,000 people showed up. Next year
they plan to have 2 days. Bruce says that they found out that
there’s a lot of work involved, but also that the nicest people
in the world attend these threshing bees and Steam Engine Shows.
Welcome to the club, Bruce.

A while back I received the renewal of Keith Valesh. He was late
because of a recently acquired little daughter. Our congratulations
to the family of Keith Valesh. Keith also wrote ‘I do enjoy the
magazine very much it seems to make these long Alakan winter nights
pass more swiftly.’ My, but we get around with our steam engine

We’ve received many complimentary letters on ‘The
Praying Engineer’. Our praise goes also to Mr. Plasterer.

I’m still looking for Mr. James Hanna, Sr. and Mr. Anton
Simanek. This month I have someone else whose address got away. Mr.
Conrad Milster. If anyone knows any of these men, please let me
know so that I can get their Album off to them.

Well it’s back to work now. No more visiting. We have
another Album coming out pretty soon and then things will hum
around here. Until next month, friends, think about our Album when
you have your ‘Coffee Break’.

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