| May/June 1967

I'm delighted that spring is here. We can start looking forward to reunions, being out, hiking, picnicking, and so many other things. Mrs. Mayme Nelson, Route 1, Carrollton, Ohio is looking for any history or information on the 20th Century Manufacturing Company of Boynton, Pennsylvania. Can anyone help her out? Mr. Cecil Waggoner, Route 2, Findlay, Ohio would like an article on the construction of a traction engine like Mr. Ted Spencer, of Michigan builds. The detail of building boiler, engine, dimensions of parts, and types of metal required to be inspected for a license. Mr. Martin

Dinse, 3009 Cameron St., Kalama-zoo, Michigan is looking for information on old moving picture machines. He has one that must be 50 years old made by the American Moving Picture Machine Company, New York.

Mr. Carl Cusick, Route 1, Leetonia, Ohio is restoring a Rumely Oil Pull (20-30) and would appreciate knowing where he could get any information about it. Joe Rynda, 'Steam Engine Joe', of 202 S.W. Elm Avenue, Box 304, Montgomery, Minnesota has a 25 HP Northwest High Wheel Flat Spoke Heavy Gear Plow Engine. Serial '5904. Built around 1908 and may have been built by prison labor. He would like to hear from anyone who has one like this. Mr. Vernon P. Cray, Route 3, Box 675-A, Albany, Oregon is looking for information regarding any instruction, operation, or parts manuals that may be available for Russell engines of about 1912 manufacture. Specifically, the 12 hp model. Mr. Berlin Bogard, Merom, Indiana found an old Gaar Scott Steam Portable Engine with the engine #2062, made at Richmond, Indiana. It has steel hubs for the wheels with wood spokes in the wheels. He is trying to find out how old it is. Perhaps someone can help him out.

We are looking for the location of the Pickering Governor Company. Anyone who knows the whereabouts of this company - would you please drop a note to Mr. W.E. Dearing, Suite 101 at 10 Edmonton St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Mr. Dearing is rebuilding one of their governors off a 32 Reeves of about 1905 vintage and he badly needs some information. He has written to their old address at Portland, Connecticut and his letters were returned. If anyone can help him out, please do so.

I have a letter from Rev. Norbert J. Lucht, Box 137, Athens, Illinois. He is interested in obtaining information on several engine firms. Frick and Company, The A.B. Farquhar Co., The Geiser Mfg. Co., The Bird-sail Engine Company and the Buffalo-Pitts Company. If any reader is interested in the history of all the old engine and thresher firms and has compiled such information. Rev. Lucht would like to get in touch with them.

Mr. Kirby Brumfield, Farm Director, Katu Television, 2153 N.E. Sandy Boulevard, Portland, Oregon is looking for photographs of early day farming. If anyone would be interested in helping Mr. Brumfield out, why don't you drop him a card. Mr. Pearl D. Stevenson, Route 3, Vinton, Iowa is looking for anyone who might have known his father and uncle or would have a picture of them or their outfit. They were Jim and George Stevenson. Their machine was a Reeves 16 HP engine, with automatic tender and an Avery, Yellow Fellow, Separator. They threshed in Benton County, Iowa and then would ship their machine to the Red River Valley, Minnesota.