Collecting Steam

| March/April 1995

Photos by Tim Myers. Reprinted from the Dubois County, Indiana Herald.

Sent to us by Jerry Kitten, R.R. 2, Box 6, Slaton, Texas 79364

It takes Francis 'Franz' Lindauer the better part of five family farm buildings to store a priceless collection of primitive steam engines, rare tractors and poplar-wood threshers.

The 66-year-old retired Ferdinand farmer enlists his family to help preserve and demonstrate dozens of hand-built relics of yesteryear. The Lindauers are one of several area farm families who belong to the Early Day Antique Club, an organization dedicated to preserving old farming methods.

Ten farm families, scattered in three counties, bring mule and draft horse teams to club demonstrations. 'They've all got the strongest horses and this and that,' Francis says.

Tending draft horses and restoring steam-powered monsters create a peck of trouble, Francis says. So the Lindauers, though they enjoy horses and horse-drawn equipment, stick with steam, wood and iron rather than hooved mammals.