Community Gathering

| May/June 1975

R.D. 2, Wakeman, Ohio 44889

I have been a subscriber for the Iron Men Album for a number of years. It seems I never got around to writing a few lines or to send any pictures. My father has threshed for 45 years. I started going threshing with him when I was 8 years old. My youngest son also became interested in threshing when he was 11 years old. I have a good partner now when we thresh. We also have a sawmill.

This year we cut wheat on July 4, 1974 and planned our work to thresh at a later date. On August 4, we had a Community Gathering to thresh. We used a 1920 Keck-Gonnerman 22 HP engine which my son fired and ran. My son is now 17 years old and is a good engineer. The engine belongs to my brother Lyle.

The picture is a 1928 Baker tractor with a Stearns motor which my father bought new in 1928. I restored it. He is sitting on the tractor and he is 80 years old.

We also have a 16 HP Advance engine of our own and 25-50 Baker tractor made in 1928. The last two loads of wheat we threshed with the tractor so people could see both engine and tractor in operation. The separator is 30-50 Huber Roto-Rack. After the threshing was done, we had a little drawbar pull with engine against a 40-20 John Deere and A-C 45 hooked together. The engine pulled the tractors backwards for about 50 feet until I lost my traction.