| September/October 1952

Zimmerman Compost Maker

The Zimmerman Compost Maker.

One of our readers, Mr. O. E Zimmerman of Fairfax, Minn., comes up with a gadget that is really worthwhile to every home lover. It is a compost maker. Here is what the circular says about it

Dump in old leaves, dead grass, kitchen garbage or other waste, and in 30 days take out rich, soil-building fertilizer that's the feature of the new Model 1A Gardener's Friend Compost Maker.

Fully automatic and odor free, the cabinet is designed to replace the unsightly compost pile native to gardens of count less private and commercial flower and vegetable growers, orchards, small stock farms, private estates, institutions, golf courses, and even gardens cultivated by small home owners.

Authorities on gardening have long advocated the value of decayed lawn sweepings and other animal and vegetable matter as organic soil builder. The complete decomposing process, which takes about one year in an outdoor comport pile, is completed within 30 days in the Gardener's Friend Composter. No working or spading is necessary. The resultant humus, which falls through a grate into a drawer below, can be removed as needed. It combines with the soil to make it richer for years to come, not just a single season, according to the manufacturer.

Made of wood, this composter is simply but durably constructed and priced at $70. to bring it within reach of the army of home gardeners who would hesitate to start a compost pile because of the labor, odor, unsightliness and bug-drawing features involved.

The Model 1A, illustrated, holds 14? cubic feet stands 56 inches high, by 29 inches wide, by 37? inches deep. It produces 5,000 pounds of fertilizer annually. Two years supply of activating compound are included without extra cost. Larger models are available.