A Club History

| November/December 1986

Some engine clubs very kindly send copies of their own newsletters to the Stemgas office so that we can keep up with their news. One such newsletter is that of the Connecticut Antique Machinery Association, a relatively new organization formed in 1983. Thanks to Bob Hungerford, club president, we were able to compile the following short history of the club from back issues of newsletters and club photo albums. We'll gladly do such articles on other clubs as well, since each club's unique events, exhibits, and individuals make interesting reading.

In October 1983, the first Connecticut Antique Machinery newsletter provided some background on the then pending formation of the association. The following goals had been established.

Establishment of a permanent antique engine park for members to use and for the public to visit.
Semi-annual engine shows.
Preservation of antique machinery.
Encouragement of research, training, and education regarding antique machinery.
To receive donations of antique machinery.
To receive permanent loans of antique machinery.

The original officers were: Robert Hungerford, president, Dudley Die-bold, vice president, John Stauffer, treasurer, and Vincent Reynolds, secretary. Serving as directors were Fred Dahl, Wesley Schultz, and Walter Pritchard.

Bob Hungerford, Dick Greene, John Stauffer, Bob Current, Fred Dahl, Frank Current, and Phil Mazzucco gather at one of the early ground clearing sessions in the fall of 1984,

The first project of the new group was the acquisition of a 10-20 McCormick-Deering tractor donated by Jean Novacco.