| July/August 1982

The Connecticut Yankee Steam and Gas Engine Association held its 4th annual show on June 13, 14, 1981 in Warren Woods Park, Warren, Connecticut.

On Friday the lot was staked out and some of the exhibits and wood were brought in. Ralph and Wanda Waters, our president and Mrs. president, arrived with their travel trailer and on Saturday greeted exhibitors at the gate and directed them to the exhibit areas. The weather on Saturday was not the best, but despite the rain, the refreshment stand sold out three times over as folks kept coming to view the show. The steam roller was driven to Warren Woods Park under its own power and took about an hour to make the three-mile trip. Many other exhibits on trailers, in cars, and in trucks, passed the rolled on their way to the show.

Along with the early gas and steam engines, we had quite a few antique cars, trucks, tractors, and fire trucks. Mr. and Mrs. Corbin donated our raffle engine and all of the fellows in the Tuesday night group did a great job of restoring the 2 HP Fuller and Johnson engine. Dick Green of Brookfield, was kind enough to donate the wood used for sawing, splitting and shingle making. We had four shingle mills with Milt Richardson of Brookfield, Massachusetts bringing down two of them. Frank Flegl of Catskill, New York brought his merry-go-round mill and Jim Hine of Southbury, brought his mill. Jim's grandson, Jeffrey, was kept busy with our new branding iron, doing up the shingles for the folks. From the way he cranked the forge, we figure he slept well both nights.

Mrs. Corbin put in two full days at the ticket booth, and Starbolt Engine Supplies had a booth where everyone took time to browse and buy. Foster Whitney's generator supplied electricity for the coffee pot, and popcorn was served from an old-time popcorn wagon from Lennox, Massachusetts. Mr. Stickles of Hudson, New York had his exhibit of old household tools, and Larry Hall brought in a Wurlitzer military band organ powered by a Domestic engine.

We had good attendance last year and sold out tickets for our raffle engine. Dick Green won the engine and took it to exhibit at other shows in the area.

It was a pretty tired group of people who took down the signs and cleaned up the lot on Sunday night, but all had a good time and many memories to take home with them. On the way home, the injectors on the steam roller got choked up on some excelsior from the shingle mills, but the problem was soon cleared up and the trip was finished by dark.