| November/December 1976

R. R. 2, Brandon, Wisconsin 53919

On the morning of August 22 my Mr. B and myself took to the road at 4:00 A.M. It promised to be a very hot day. We have had many hot days this summer, but this was going to be one of the hottest.

Our intended destination is the Threshermen's Reunion at Pinckneyville, Illinois. Neither of us has ever been there and the name fascinates me. I keep wondering, was there a Mr. Pinckney in the early days? Was the town named after him?

My husband is fascinated by the name Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. You don't need to ask where that got its name. Can't you just see one of those big old moosers chomping on the weeds in the marshes? We drove through Moose Jaw a few years ago. But Pinckneyville was to be a new experience.

However, we had a stop to make on the way Arcola, Illinois. Steam men have a way of accumulating friends in various states. Mr. B had sold a 28 H.P. Minneapolis engine to Fred Nolan.

Mr. & Mrs. Nolan had asked us to stop by sometime, and we did. Fred and Brenda are a pair of collectors par excellence. After a completely satisfying noon meal at the Dutch Pantry in Arcola we started for the Nolan place. Here we found 10 acres graced by a rambling old mansion that is something to see.