Cover Artist

| January/February 1981

Jim Brotherton, whose Baker painting is on the cover, wants to document the machines of all major manufacturers.

A newspaper in Iowa, his home state, called him 'The Iron Audubon'--in other words, he is doing to steamers what Audubon did to depict birds. The newspaper said:

'Probably only their giant cousins, the steam locomotives, have engendered a greater romance between man and machine. Among those who knew them, intimately or casually, the steam engine is a lasting symbol of the early agricultural and industrial development of our country.

The world of James Brotherton embraces the farms and fields of the Mississippi Valley in the late 19th and early 20th century. Then, as now, this land reverberated with the great sounds of steam and sweat, gas and grime.

Mr. Brotherton has, for ten years, been documenting and painting the mammoth steam tractors and farm machinery of that era. His watercolors reflect the melancholy and nostalgia of another time. To see his art is to poignantly recall that past.'

Jim operates a sign and painting service on Main Street, Tiffin, Iowa (52340). A native of Iowa City, he served in the Air Force, then studied art at UCLA, University of Mexico, University of Iowa, and Chicago Art Institute.