| September/October 1963

  • 20-80 Baker

    Lew Rineholt

  • 20-80 Baker

Rt. 1, Vicksburg, Michigan

Courtesy of Lew Rineholt, Rt. 1, Vicksburg, Michigan

'Walking is faster, but steaming's more fun' say Ray Noel and Betty Conroyd after their trip to work on this 20-80 Baker. 'People looked at me like I was a monkey in a cage, and it took 47 minutes to travel the mile and a half from my house to the plant. It was worth it though, because it's something I've wanted to do since I acquired my engine.

The engine, which formerly belonged to Ted Boven, is now the property of Lew Rineholt. Ray had provided parking space at his home for the engine. Although he owns a steam engine of his own, Ray used this one for his journey since it is equipped with rubber-covered wheels which can be driven on pavement.

Betty Conroyd is a steam engine fan too and when she heard Ray's plans she asked to join him. So she arose at 5:45 a.m. and drove to the Noel home in Portage. There Ray's wife served breakfast. It takes an hour to get up enough steam to move the engine, therefore Ray was stoking the fire when Betty arrived. On the drive to work, Betty steered while Ray tooted three steam whistles and fed the fire: Their arrival was greeted by astounded Upjohn (they are employees of the Upjohn Company at Kalamazoo, Michigan) companion workers who could hardly believe their eyes or ears.

The picture and caption is self explanatory with a few exceptions.