Crowell Manufacturing Today

| January 2006


Greencastle engine no. 159 at the Cumberland Valley Antique Engine & Machinery Assn. Spring Fling in 2000.

The photos on this page and the next were taken by Mike Rohrer, and show the Crowell works in Greencastle, Pa., within the last few years.

The photos show three of the Crowell buildings, including the pattern building, the main office building (which is now an apartment building - you can see that it has Emerson-Brantingham still painted on it from when Geiser Mfg. Co. owned it) and the Crowel assembly building, which now houses an antique store.

The buildings appear sound, and safely preserved for the foreseeable future.

Steam enthusiast Mike Rohrer collects antique farm literature and original Frick and Geiser drawings and memorabilia. Contact him at: