Farm Collector

Dairyland Driftings

By Gil

Had a visit with ‘The Editor’ at Mt. Pleasant reunion
gave me the ” green light’ for another stretch, so
here we go … With the ripening of grain Reunions swung into
action and with our meager means and the conflicting dates we were
kept guessing at times, had to sort a play eeny, meeny, miny,

Stopped at Cedar Falls, Iowa show enroute to Mt. Pleasant, was
glad to meet our friends the Smoliks from Osage who contributed
much to this event, plowed with a 110 hp Case had a front wheeler
HOLT Caterpillar and the Phoenix log hauler in action. Here, too,
was a 10 hp Huber portable of 1885, number 8694, owned by Schiel
and Bantam from Waverly. There was a wonderful display of old
tractors and gas engines along with many antiques.

Got to Mt. Pleasant in time to pitch a tent for duration. Had
cots, quilts, chairs, pillows, but no tent. It was common knowledge
on the grounds, some guy from Northern Wisconsin opened his trunk
and realized he’d forgot the tent. Oh well! Main thing was to
get there, and all’s well that ends well. A pleasure to meet
old friends and meet up with others. Missing in the midst was John
Jenkins from Griswold who was ill at the time. He is loved and
respected by all who know him. He usually manned one of Justin
Hingtgen’s 9 HP Case engines. McNamar was back at the New Giant
– said he insisted his doctor give him permission to come to the
Old Threshers. It does ones heart good to see these old timers feel
like boys again. Met Herman Watson from McLouth, Kansas who
entertains a miniature engine show annually. Another ardent reunion
fan I met was Glen Beale from Murray, Iowa. He is well versed and
collects railroad literature. Had the pleasure to meet an expert
pattern maker, Harry Ehret, 3110 Faircrest, Canton, Ohio who is
working a model Reeves for Ralph Weidman.

One fellow comes to the Presbyterian tent for his breakfasts and
his order is always ”same as yesterday’ (4 cakes, 4
eggs and coffee). Now it’s gotten to be ‘same as last year
‘. Can’t you jest sense the friendly attitudes at these
breakfasts ??

Oliver Rhea from Pennsylvania is pretty apt to be running some
engine every day; got so’s he’d build a fire and sooner or
later gets an engine to put it in. Came across some friends from
southwest Minnesota. There was Knute Thompson’s, whose address
is Cottonwood, had a Minnesota telephone number and any road
equipment supplies come to Marshall. George Winters came with
Thompson’s, says to me, ‘Yeah, I read your ‘Dairyland

Striving for some time a congregation finally engaged a minister
seemed a bit odd he preached the same sermon the 2nd Sunday, and
the 3rd Sunday so the Board of Deacons questioned him as to why so
?? -‘Well, you haven’t used the first one yet’ was his

Some friends of M. R. DeBought (a photographer who lives in
Minnesota, Minn.) came into town and asked a man on the street how
to get to DeBought’s place – ‘Well Sir,’ he says,
‘you go 6 blocks west and 4 blocks south no, you go 4 blocks
south and – and 3 west, no that’s not right either, come to
think of it, you can’t get there from here.’

In lining up the parade for Saturday night, my wife couldn’t
resist the urge to drive Saters Massy-Harris, four wheel-drive a
clown happened along-‘How about a ride, Ma’ – ‘Sure,
Pa, hop on ‘-but in doing so, the seat bolt snapped, but the
Mrs. came thru sitting on the spring. She won’t forget this
incident, but now takes a second look at those seat bolts.


  • Published on Jan 1, 1962
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