| November/December 1964

Meeting deadlines is to spur action. At any rate a lotta water went under the bridge since last scanning any notes. Seems this needed rain, rooms time to sit down and relax. A thanks to the many who stopped in to visit us and also to the many hosts in retrospect to our various jaunts.

Independence day we normally steam up and fortunately others joined us to play around and sip a cup of coffee. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fern and Keith from Hammond and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mickelson, Jim and Jerry from Cadott. Here too were Alice's sister and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bieritz from Yorkville, I11., vacationing up this way stopped in. Seems he is still in pursuit of a 10-18 Case cross-mounted to round out his collection.

A thanks to Wm. Herpst and Harold Churchill from Elmwood who took us out for supper in mid July and Wm. presented me with a 1907 Montgomery Ward catalog.

Broke up some virgin soil with my Rock Island tractor and Lon Maugans wood beam breaker, Lon said it was fun.

The Erling Eldens from Oslo got talking Norway with Alice, and of course us Scandinavians had to have our coffee. (By the way this Oslo is in Minn.)