Dalton Doings

| May/June 1975

Battle Lake, Minnesota 56515

Dalton, Minnesota As you can see from the top photo, 1974 was another great year for the Lake Region Pioneer Threshermen's Assn. at Dalton, as they entertained a capacity crowd at their annual reunion the first weekend in September.

The crowd of over 20,000 spent three days viewing the spectacular events as wood sawing and shingle mills were running each day along the sidelines, as the straw flew from the separators at threshing stands, and the big steamers puffed at the lead of a 10-bottom plow.

The photo is of the crowd watching the daily steam parade, with the new Agricultural museum in the background. This new building houses artifacts of the steam days, and was open to the public weekends throughout the summer. So great was the response to this attraction that the museum will be open every day throughout the summer. The tractor pulling contest which was so popular last year, will be run again, and this year, a dynamometer will be installed on the grounds for the use of any engineer who wishes to test his engine or tractor.

The sights, sounds and smells of old-time days, both steam and gas, will attract thousands of visitors to Dalton Sept. 5-6-7 of 1975. The usual good times are promised to all who wish to reminisce, enjoy the parades, variety show, queen coronation, partake of the meals on the grounds, and attend Sunday morning worship in the museum building.