| May/June 1960

A fine 1959 Steam Engine Show was held at Greenville, Ohio. Plans are in the making for another one in 1960.

We had a total of 15 steam engines --10 different makes. We also had Baker, Case, Rumely, separators, an O. S. Kelly Springfield hand fed web stacker 1893 separator owned by Charles Ditmer. Also an Advance Rumely Corn Husker and a Birdsall Clover Huller.

Since The 1959 Reunion we have acquired a Rumely Huller and a Red River Special separator, A-28-48. Also have purchased a saw mill and an E-B baler with a 6 hp gas engine on it. Also have a teeter-totter and a Baker fan and Serval gas tractors and steam models. Eventually we will have a larger display of large steam and gas tractors, small steam and gas engines. We are planning on a large crowd to attend our Round and Square Dance on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Officers and Directors elected at our meeting held last September are as follows: Sylvester Ditmer, President; Charles Ditmer, Vice President; Mildred Ary, Secretary; Harold Ary, Treasurer. Board of Directors: Homer Holp, Clark Davidson, Arthur Hieland, Elmer Egbert , Vernie Brown, Don Brewer, Hugh Hartzell.

Our planned date for 1960 Reunion is July 15, 16, 17 at the Harvey Estey Farm (2 miles east of Greenville on State Route 71). Anyone interested in information can contact Sylvester B. Ditmer, 318 Hart Avenue, Greenville, Ohio, or Mildred Ary, R. 1, Union City, Indiana.