Dear Editor

| May/June 1969

  • Steam Engine
    Courtesy of James M. Barnhart, 3746 Winter Garden Road, Orlando, Florida 32805. This engine built and owned by Ray Schisler, Clearwater, Florida. This engine made a hit with me. It has a 5 HP vertical boiler. An interesting ''steam engine''.
    James M. Barnhart

  • Steam Engine

3746 Winter Garden Road, Orlando, Florida 32805

FIRST: I request that the reader of this screed if other than the Rev. Elmer bring same to the Reverend's notice, for the triple reason that (a) I knew him 'back in the days when', (b) it may add to his good cheer to know that he has a consistent rooter in this far-off land, and (c) it is in the nature of an Official Report on an Engine Meet.


On February 8th & 9th, 1969, the FLORIDA AMERICAN ROYAL GAS AND STEAM ENGINE ROUNDUP held its second annual meet at the Sarasota-Bradenton Speedway. Matching my last years performance, I was again lost before I found it. The Speedway is 3 miles south of Bradenton, but the county commissioners (or the road authorities) won't allow any signs. But we found it!

As I expected, it was much improved over last year. Assembled there was the largest collection of portable and stationary gas engines I ever saw, in their original paint colors (renewed), most of them running, and running well.

Many other items of interest were there, including a sugar-cane mill making molasses while you watched. It was for sale, and is called 'Ribbon Cane Molasses' here.