| July/August 1961

12020 S. Rives Avenue, Downey, California

On a recent trip to Death Valley, California I took the series of pictures appearing on these pages.

Believing you may want to publish these photos, I have written captions for them. The information on the captions I gathered at the little museum in Furnace Creek Ranch and by the use of my steel rule tape. This is an interesting relic, and it is a shame that it has been picked apart.

The following story accompanies the picture:

'Old Dinah was F. M. 'Borax' Smith's experiment in transporting ore from the mines at Borate to the railroad at Daggett in 1894. Dinah was a traction engine. She burned coal 3 tons per day. Her speed was 3 miles per hr. on level ground, not including time out for getting stuck in the sand. On steep grades she slipped backwards faster than she could move forward. It took 4 men to keep Dinah in operation; an engineer, a fireman, a brakeman, and a mechanic who worked all night every night to put her in shape for the next day's run. After a year of struggle Dinah was abandoned, and the 20 Mule Teams, which had continued to haul alongside of her, took over the entire job again.'