| May/June 1980

722 East End Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17602

At the Delaware State Fair in 1976, Governor Sherman W. Tribbett signed the bill for an appropriation of $1,200,000 for an Agricultural Museum to be built at the State Capital in Dover. A tract of 10 acres of land adjoining the Delaware State College grounds at 866 North duPont Blvd. and Route #13 was purchased. On September 8, 1979, the museum was dedicated as a reality.

This dedication was attended by the top political and agricultural leaders of the state. Governor Pierre S. duPont, former Governor Sherman W. Tribbitts, Secretary of Agriculture, Alden S. Hopkins, and members of the General Assembly, along with all the farm organizations participated in the ceremonies.

Governor duPont, in his remarks, said 'May this museum prosper for the remainder of the history of the state.' Ex-governor Tribbett called this museum 'A salute to agriculture, and thus recognizes its importance in our state.'

The President of the new museum, Mr. Edward F. Evans, whose efforts of many years are now rewarded, was asked when the museum would be completed. He declared 'I hope it will never be completed', and expressed a fervant hope that it would be an example in conformity for each new generation.

There will be steam traction engines, gasoline tractors with one, two, four and six cylinders of various manufacturers, portable engines, tread powers, threshers and much farm equipment of past times to demonstrate to future generations what made America.