Did You Say 8-16 A very?

| September/October 1975

R. D. 3, Ephrata, Pa. 17522

The article in Iron Man Album by Steve Davis of West Winfield, New York finding an 8-16 Avery was somewhat different from my experience.

Sometime in August a friend Mr. Robert Lefever asked me if he should purchase an Avery for me, or did I have time to go with him to a sale out in Indiana County to check into the possibility of locating an Avery. After a bit of heckling I handed Bob a blank check with my signature and instructions to pay according to its condition if one was located. Upon his return I was congratulated as being the owner of an 8-16 Avery, and was given instructions when and where to pick it up.

This being the week of our R & T Threshermans reunion, plans were made to pick it up at a later date. After getting in touch by phone with Ira and Jeneva Fyock of RD 1 Commodore, Pennsylvania, my wife and I made the trip a week later by truck and were given a very hearty reception. Mr. and Mrs. Fyock insisted that we stay for dinner. After the Avery had been loaded Ira showed us his beautiful man size model Peerless traction engine.

Hope to restore the 8-16 for our 1975 Rough and Tumble Threshermans Reunion at Kinzer, Pennsylvania.