Dimensions for the 150hp Case Engine

Route 3, Marshalltown, Iowa

Many have asked me if I had the dimensions for 150 hp Case
engine. Well, here they are. Thought you could find a place for
them some time in the ALBUM for all the readers to see. They were
copied from old Case catalog.

Cylinder 14′ bore x 14′ stroke.

Boiler waist 42 inches

Firebox length 581/4 inches

Firebox width 391/4 inches Firebox height
45 inches

Number of tubes 93

Diameter of tubes 2 inches

Length of tubes 1081/2 inches

Grate area-square feet 15.8

Heating surface per sq. ft. 508.5

Steam pressure 160

Flywheel diameter 50 inches

Flywheel face 16 inches

Revolutions per minute 200

Engine travels 2 speeds: 5.0 miles per hour2.57 miles per

Rear wheels 8 feet high

Rear wheel face 36 inches

Front wheels 54 inches high

Front wheel face 14 inches

Distance between axles 14 ft. 2 in.

Extreme width of engine 11 ft. 4 in.

Extreme length of engine 24 ft. 9 in.

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