Safety tips for steam engine operators

Do you know how? Testing your ability to respond

| January/February 2003

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Do You Know How to blow down a water glass correctly?

1.  Close top valve of glass or water column.
2.  Open bottom valve or cock, let blow a few seconds, and then close.
3.  Close bottom valve to water leg of boiler, open top valve.
4.  Open bottom valve or cock, and blow out glass with steam. Close valve/cock.
5.  Open bottom valve to water leg; see water rise to level in the boiler.

Do You Know When to recognize that the water glass needs blowing down?

1.  If a trace of bubbles rises up through the water glass, this is a warning that the water bottom leg is getting obstructed.

Do You Know How you can recognize a priming boiler? The cause? What to do first?

1.  Heavy discharge of water with exhaust steam out the stack indicates a priming boiler.
2.  This is caused by carrying water too high, or bad feed water.
3.  Open cylinder cocks quickly to save cylinder heads.