Dodge Steam Engine

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P. O. Box 5 7, Forest Ranch, CA 95942

These are pictures of our Dodge steam engine. We bought the
engine in January of 1985 having only seen pictures and made a few
phone calls to Kentucky from California.

In April the weather got good, so off we went to get our prize
making a two week trip with lots of help, both labor and parts from
Frank Ferguson (also an old engine nut). The boiler came from a
friend in Red Bluff, CA, it is small for the engine, but it does
run the engine quite well at slow speeds for shows. The first steam
came in January of 1986.

Here are some statistics: Patented August 2,1892, serial number
0025.10 inch bore, 12 in chstroke, balanced type valve, five foot
flywheel, flywheel face 12 inches. Crankshaft diameter 4 inches,
Gardiner 2 inch governor, 75 HP manufactured in Mishawka, Indiana
by Dodge Manufacturing Company, used in the distillery of Henry
McKenna in Fairfield, KY from the time it was new until 1943 when
Seagrams bought the distillery and continued use of the engine
until 1973. The engine was used to turn a 14,000 gallon cooking pot
and a shaker.

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