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Doughty Valley Power Show

By Staff

The first Doughty Valley Power Show was held July 20-21, 2001 at
the Abe Mast family farm in Millersburg, Ohio. Abe and his brother,
Dan, own a sawmill on the property, and engines lucky enough to
attend had the opportunity to belt up and play, running a total of
5,000 board feet of hardwood through the No. 34 Enterprise
mill’s 60-inch saw.

A view of the Mast family farm, engines steamed and getting
ready to go. Including portables, 10 engines made it to the first
Doughty Valley Power Show.

This show is one of the gems of the steam community, a unique
gathering of engines and enthusiasts in a pastoral setting far from
the madding crowd. This year’s show was held July 19-20, and a
show is being planned for 2003. Contact Abe Mast at: 4490 T.R. 370,
R.R. 4, Millersburg, OH 44654.

  • Published on Sep 1, 2002
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