Dr. Bailey and His Wonderful Wheat-Threshing, Wood-Cutting, Corn-Cooking Contraptions

| May/June 1976

9157 E. Milton Avenue, St. Louis [Overland], Mo. 63114.

In the March-April issue of Iron-Men Album were pictures of the Ownesville (Mo.) Steam Show -on pages 14-15. The engine pictured at the left in the center row was incorrectly captioned. Instead of its being owned by Edgar Levings, it is owned by me, and the operator shown is Mr. Ray Koirtyohann, a counsin of mine. He and his father, Earl Koirtyohann, have assisted me in this way for many years.

I purchased the engine at Mount Pleasant in 1967 from Engineer Ralph Shelburne of Zionsville, Indiana, who died in 1968. I have operated it at the Midwest Old Threshers' Show every year since 1969, and it has been at the Owensville, Missouri, show seven years.

Pictures of the model engine have shown in two Mt. Pleasant publications:

OLD THRESHERS - 'the greatest STEAM and GAS show on earth'.

FARM STEAM SHOWS - USA & CANADA - by Dana Close Jennings - (shown being operated by Mr. Shelburne's daughter).