Eagan Threshing Bee

| July/August 1978

  • The 9th Annual Eagan

  • The 9th Annual Eagan

1511 Iglehart Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota 55104

The 9th Annual Eagan, Minnesota Threshing Bee was held July 30, 31, 1977 at the George H. Ohman farm.

As usual, it was a show featuring much interesting activity. The kind you expect to see when you go to a reunion and there is always something interesting that you didn't expect, and that makes it more fascinating. For instance, it may be a tractor you knew that was manufactured in the old days but you had never seen one, or it may have been a steam engine or gas engine you knew of at one time, but you had not seen one.

An example of what I'm trying to say here happened to me when I saw a Townsend gas tractor for the first time at a show in 1966. Spinning wheels, looms for making carpets and rugs, soap making and several other things including butter churning, all draw the attention of people at the Threshing Reunions.

When Ralph Traux and I arrived at the Eagon Show on Saturday, July 30, lumber sawing was in progress using George H. Ohman's 28 HP

Minneapolis engine. With Reuben Boettcher as engineer, it was belted to the lumber saw cutting large hard wood logs into dimension lumber.